Training League Referee

All Training League games to be refereed by a head or assistant coach, or a parent appointed by the coach.  Each team shall supply one referee for each game.  Modified basketball rules. All games played at LaSalle Institute gym.  Recommend that you have played basketball in a program and have a basic understanding of the game. Training league players are 1st + 2nd graders.

Trophy League Referee

Must be in high school or older. 2 officials per game. Pay starts at $14 per game. Flexible schedule with many game opportunities. Must attend training programs prior to start of season. Training session run in the months of November and December. Season begins Jan through End of March. Patch officials can earn up to $23 per game at the 7th and 8th grade levels. Regular basketball rules with a few exceptions.

Timers & Scorekeepers

Please remember the new CYC requirement for roster checks and "marking a line" through the players not playing in the game.  This is a scorekeeper responsibility to note on the roster only.