Practices have started and games start on weekend of January 7-8.
Coaches...please remember to return goals to 10' and also help keep the gym clean after practice.   
Score Keepers Training, Thursday, December 8th, 8p - 9p, SAR Gym

St. Alban Roe Basketball Program

This site is designed to provide information to coaches, families and others that are participating in, or interested, in the St. Alban Roe Basketball Leagues. The basketball program at SAR remains 100% reliant on the generosity of its volunteers, so please consider helping out with one of the available positions within the League. Many thanks to those that have volunteered in previous seasons.  Have a safe and fun season!


Our Mission

The mission of the St. Alban Roe Basketball Program is to provide an opportunity to learn individual and team Basketball skills in an atmosphere of Christian behavior and fellowship.  

Reminder to Coaches

See updated practice schedules thru Christmas under Links.  Also, please remember to clean up the gym after your practices.  Water bottles, snack wrappers, coats and more are left behind all the time.  Help out and do you part, plus a little more!

Weather Hotline


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